Taking care of the harmonious interaction of a cat and a human, company KATO has created stylish cardboard furniture for cats.

The product KATO is a scratching mat and a bed for cats, two in one. The product is made of materials that are safe for cats - environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard, paper, veneer, flour paste or PVA glue.

The product is soaked with natural flavors that help cats get used to a new toy faster.

However, the human does not catch the smell.
The product can be used for up to 2 years, depending on the activity of the cat.

Minimal waste when using the product, the cardboard flattens or becomes loose, but does not crumble.

Comfortable product - the cat's claws do not catch on parts of the product, so there is no discomfort forvthe cat or the risk of claws and paws damage.

Dry cleaning with a brush or vacuum cleaner is recommended. It is not recommended to wash the product or use it in rooms with a high humidity.